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Mokona Easter Egg Pins


✮ 1.0 inches/25.4 mm tall

✮ gold plated hard enamel [Black Mokona]

✮ rose gold plated hard enamel [White Mokona]

✮ 1 post with rubber clutches [clear]

✮ artist's backstamp


❄️ Second Grade ❄️

A second grade enamel pin is a pin that has more imperfections 

As a result, these pins are sold at a discount.

- Uneven enamel surface

- Small-Large dots/pooling of misplaced colour

- Multiple air bubbles or large air bubbles

- Missing enamel

- Large amounts of scuff and scratches

- Large scratches

If you do need to know the sizing of the pin, please find the according listing for the appropriate size and description! 

❄️Please let me know if you have any other questions ! ❄️



All work and images © Helen Yu 2018, All rights reserved.

Seconds: Mokona Easter Egg Pins

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