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Kero Sweater Pre Order [on its way to me via sea shipping]

Celeste Hoodie [in production - ETA  September  - October 2021]

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If you have any questions -- please check out my Twitter or you can email me ! 


For my online store: please look through the FAQ and Terms of Service before purchasing !

Due to COVID-19, please expect delays in your packages/pre orders!

For all UK  and EU customers, if you would like to purchase something from my shop -- please reach out to me via email and I will assist you further on Etsy!


December 26th 2021


Pre orders are now up for the following: Jirachi Wishmaker Switch Two Toned Shirt, SM Passport Holders [Lavender/Pink], and the Magical Girl Varsity Jacket! 

SM Passport Holder and the Magical Girl Varsity Jacket is now also available on my Etsy for anyone that is UK/EU or would like to just buy off Etsy instead of my shop! 

Both the SM Passport Holder and the Magical Girl Varsity Jacket are necessary pre orders and will need 50 orders to get the bulk production made for them. If we do not reach the goal in time, I will be refunding everyone that has paid and pre ordered to date. 

Duration: 1 Month


November 26th 2021

Pre orders have dropped for the following OP Mascot Friends Pins: Komachiyo+Tama, Gonbe, Hiking Bear, Perona's Ghostie, South Bird, and Megalo+Hoe ! These are necessary pre order so they will not be made unless we get at least 15 orders for each design !  

Why Etsy? 

1. Etsy charges VAT automatically when you check out

2. My couriers do not have an area to submit the tariff codes & IOSS number to have your package go through customs, but ETSY does & postage will be purchased through Etsy [meaning it will be a bit pricier for shipping]

Once I get more information whether to register for VAT, I will be using Etsy for all EU and UK customers.

Patreon for EU and UK customers are alright -- but that is only for my patreon specific items, not shop items ! Everything will be customized through Etsy for you specifically ! 

Thank you guys for the support <3


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