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Yellow Money Bag Ita Bag !


✮ Enamel Pins in photo are not included✮


Bag Details & Features.

✮ Changes that will be made: embossed quote on back side pocket will be filled with gold foil printing ✮


  • bag size: 8.25 * 7.75 * 4.75 inches

  • There is a clear panel in front to put in an insert to display your enamel pins [star shaped]

  • includes 2 adjustable crossbody straps: (0.5 inches & 1.0 inches) - total length for these straps are all 48 inches/122 cm

  • clear panel in front is accessible on the inside of the bag; small pocket secured with velcro

  • includes 2 inserts - 1 red leather backing insert and 1 red bag lining backing insert

  • gold zipper with white pom pom attachment

  • the bag is a typical bucket bag; large compartment and there are the 2 pockets on the inside secured with velcro [ita window pocket and second pocket]; there is an exterior pocket on the back of the bag

  • the exterior of the outside on the back side has an embossed print “Shirayukinikki”, the phrase “Being yourself is ALWAYS in style” [the wording will be changed to gold filling print] and Isabelle’s hair as printed detailing

  • custom plaque and leaf gold hardware


There are currently delays due to COVID - 19 and if there are further delays, they will be announced on my shop & my Instagram. Any in stock items purchased with this listing will not be shipped until then.


❄️Please let me know if you have any other questions ! ❄️


All work and images © Helen Yu 2021, All rights reserved

Money Bag Ita Bag

  • I don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations.
    If items are damaged or have issues/defects, please contact me directly via email.

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